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What It Is

What It Is

The Zike is a combination of a bicycle, a scooter, and an elliptical trainer. With a frame, wheels, gears, and brakes like a traditional bicycle, Zikes are powered by the rider who stands up and pushes down on pedals that are like the elliptical trainers people use at health clubs. There are four models in the line, and while they are all designed for kids, the largest one will hold up to 200 pounds, so many adults can ride it as well. The Zike is easy to learn to use and can travel pretty fast. You can use it anywhere you can use a traditional bike or scooter.

Why It’s Fun

This is a new way to move around. The stepping action is easy to use, and you really feel like you're getting a workout. There's a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the feel of it, it's very satisfying to ride.

Who It’s For

There are four different models of Zikes: The Hotshot has nine-inch tires and one gear. It's designed for kids ages 5—8 and will hold up to 100 pounds. The Flyby also has nine-inch tires and one gear. It is designed for kids ages 8—12 and will hold up to 120 pounds. The Slingshot has 10-inch tires and one gear. It also has adjustable handlebars and a quick release to allow it to fold up. It is designed for kids ages 10 and up and will hold up to 150 pounds. The Saber is a seven-speed stepper with a 20-inch front tire and a 16-inch rear tire. It is designed for kids ages 12 and up and will hold up to 200 pounds.

What to Be Aware of

As with any riding equipment, complete instruction prior to riding is advised. Be sure to wear all recommended protective gear.

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