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What It Is

What It Is

Tilt is a teetering logic maze that challenges players to solve 40 different puzzles. For each puzzle, set up the tilting board according to the image on the challenge card using the gray stoppers and the blue and green sliding discs. Solving the puzzle requires players to create a sequence of moves that slide both discs on tracks around the board with the object of dropping the green sliders through the center hole while leaving the blue ones on the board. The puzzles range from beginner to expert and are shown on a deck of cards. The board, cards, and sliders all slip into a mesh bag for take-along fun.

Why It’s Fun

Tilt can help kids with visual thinking, problem solving, sequencing, and much more, but it's also a fun challenge that anyone can enjoy as a solitaire puzzle or in challenge matches with friends.

Who It’s For

Tilt is for ages 8 and up and will appeal to those who like puzzles and brainteasers.

What to Be Aware of

The game is harder than it looks, so take your time when solving one of the puzzles. Start off with the beginner challenges and gradually progress to the expert challenges.

If you get really stuck, each card has a hint on the back that will get you started.