Hexbug Nano Hive Habitat Set

from Innovation First

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Product Information

  • Hexbug Nano Hive Habitat Set from Innovation First
  • Part of the Hexbug brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 3 and up
  • 1 cell battery required TTPM trusts

What It Is

What It Is

Hexbugs are little robotic bugs that move around like real bugs and kids love playing with. The Hexbugs have a lot of new play environments, including the Hexbug Nano Hive Habitat Set. This is the first transportable environment that enables kids to customize the design and layout within the set. The Hive Habitat Set comes with one extremely rare Hexbug Nano and 35 easy-connect construction pieces, including 16 pegs, 16 adjustable flags, two merry-go-rounds, and a see-saw. When playtime is over, fold up the sides of the playset for easy clean-up and storage. The Hive Habitat Set is compatible with other Hexbug Nano Habitats.

Why It’s Fun

Hexbug Nanos mimic the apparently random movements and behaviors of bugs that fascinate boys and girls. These electronic bugs are bugs that kids actually want to play with. The Hexbug Nano Hive Habitat Set makes a great addition to any child's Hexbug collection, as well as being a great stand-alone playset. Kids will like being able to customize the set and make their Hexbugs do different actions with the construction pieces.

Who It’s For

The Hexbug Nano Hive Habitat Set is for ages 3 and up. This toy and the Hexbugs themselves are mostly going to appeal to kids who are interested in science and the world around them. For all their apparent simplicity, the Hexbugs are very sophisticated robots, which is also intriguing to kids interested in that.

What to Be Aware of

The Hexbug Nano comes with a button-cell battery.


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