Justin Bieber Hairstyle Dolls

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  • Justin Bieber Hairstyle Dolls
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What It Is

What It Is

Justin Bieber has made signature style statements since he first emerged on the internet and became one of the hottest pop icons. The new JB Style Collection Dolls tap into Bieber's style. One of the new features on these dolls is the hair. The first version of the dolls came with plastic molded "hair", but the new JB Style Collection Dolls have realistic rooted hair. Each doll wears an outfit based on one that Bieber himself actually wore. On the back of the packaging, kids can see a picture of Bieber in the outfit. Each doll comes with different accessories.

Why It’s Fun

Fans of Justin Bieber will definitely want these dolls. The fashions and the hairstyle are realistic. These dolls are all about collectability and letting fans relive or create a Bieber concert, music video, TV appearance, or other Bieber experience.

Who It’s For

JB Style Collection dolls are for Justin Bieber fans ages 6 and up.

What to Be Aware of

There are no additional outfits for the dolls sold separately. So for new outfits or clothing, which we know is one of the patterns of doll play, you'll have to buy a new doll in a different outfit. The idea here seems to be to foster multiple purchases and collectability, which is probably what JB's die-hard fans want in the first place.