Defiants Flex Terrain System Maximum Mayhem

from Redwood Ventures

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Product Information

  • Defiants Flex Terrain System Maximum Mayhem from Redwood Ventures
  • Part of the Defiants brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 4 and up
  • 2 AAA batteries required TTPM trusts

What It Is

What It Is

Defiants are new motorized cars for kids to collect and play with on the Defiants Flex Terrain System, a track system specifically for the Defiants cars. One of the bigger Flex Terrain System sets is the Maximum Mayhem set. This comes with seven feet of track, including a big hill for the cars to climb and a jump ramp. Maximum Mayhem comes with a special edition Defiants vehicle that, like all Defiants cars, have a magnet inside, which allows the cars to move about the Flex Terrain System tracks. Place the Defiants car at the starting gate, and then push the button to launch the car up the hill. It will climb the hill on its own thanks to the magnets both in the car and in the track. Once at the top of the hill, press another button to launch the car downhill so it can do a stunt jump off of the ramp. There are two lanes on the track for racing two cars at once. There are several other track sets in the Flex Terrain System, each sold separately, that connect to offer kids larger racing adventures.

Why It’s Fun

Defiants are a great new introduction into the toy cars category. The Maximum Mayhem set offers kids tons of track and stunt jump action. Kids will also like being able to add other Flex Terrain System tracks to the Maximum Mayhem set for even more racing action.

Who It’s For

The Maximum Mayhem set is for ages 4 and up.

What to Be Aware of

The Defiants vehicle requires two AAA batteries, and those are not included. Additional Defiants vehicles are sold separately and retail for about $7.99.


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