Poppity - Pop Musical Dino

from Fisher-Price

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Product Information

  • Poppity - Pop Musical Dino from Fisher-Price
  • Part of the Go Baby Go! brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 6 months and up
  • 3 C batteries required TTPM Is Always On With

What It Is

What It Is

The Poppity-Pop Musical Dino is part of Fisher-Price's Go Baby Go! line of toys that are designed to get kids moving. Turn on the Poppity-Pop Musical Dino and place the six colorful balls in its bouncing belly. Some of the balls will roll into and out of the dinosaur's mouth, while others will bounce right out of the belly, enticing kids to chase after them. There is a spinning roller on the front of the dinosaur that starts the music and action. The Poppity-Pop Musical Dino plays eight tunes and has lots of fun sounds.

Why It’s Fun

The Poppity-Pop Musical Dino engages babies in ball play and put-and-take play, as babies grasp the balls and place them in the dinosaur's belly. This helps babies develop hand-eye coordination, understand cause and effect, and develop motor skills. The music, sounds, bright colors, and movement engage babies as they play.

Who It’s For

The Poppity-Pop Musical Dino is for ages 6—36 months.

What to Be Aware of

The Poppity-Pop Musical Dino requires three C batteries, which are not included.

There are two volume settings—high and low.

Adult assembly is required.


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