CAT Shape Sorter

from Toy State


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What It Is

What It Is

Toy State's line of CAT-branded, value-priced vehicles and playsets allow kids to have all kinds of great construction-themed play—a classic boys play pattern. The CAT Shape Sorter is a developmental preschool toy dressed up as a cool cement mixer. This freewheeling truck has a translucent mixer drum and four basic shape blocks. Kids can drop the blocks through the correctly shaped holes and mix them up by turning the drum.

Why It’s Fun

This is a new take on a basic toy. Most shape sorters are generic or nondescript shapes. This one combines the play pattern with the activity, which supports ongoing involvement with kids in play. In addition to learning shapes and being able to identify them in different dimensional forms—knowing that the 3D star fits through the 2D star-shaped hole—the turning drum also helps kids learn pattern recognition and sequencing. That sounds like a lot of complexity for a basic shape sorter, but these are basic skills kids need, and this is a fun way to develop and reinforce them as kids play and explore.

Who It’s For

The CAT Shape Sorter is for ages 12 months and up. The chunky preschool design and play pattern will appeal to any preschooler fascinated by trucks.

What to Be Aware of

The back of the drum opens up so you can remove the blocks.