Regurgitating Rico Launcher

from Mattel


  • Regurgitating Rico Launcher


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  • 2 AA batteries required
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What It Is

What It Is

The Regurgitating Rico Launcher is based on the character Rico from The Penguins of Madagascar. Rico is a pump-action foam ball blaster. Load Rico's mouth with the yellow balls (meant to simulate popcorn), pull back Rico's legs and push them forward to launch. Rico will make different sounds and phrases with each launch. The Regurgitating Rico Launcher comes with five foam balls, but the launcher can only hold three at a time.

Why It’s Fun

Kids can bring the zany antics of Rico, the penguin team's weapons and explosives specialist, from the TV screen to the playroom. Kids will like the clever way to launch the foam balls and all the great phrases and sound effects Rico makes.

For this age, bodily functions, and in this case regurgitation, is particularly entertaining.

Who It’s For

The Regurgitating Rico Launcher is for The Penguins of Madagascar fans ages 3—8.

What to Be Aware of

Rico's wings come together under his belly to create a handle. The instructions say to hold the handle with one hand and operate Rico's feet with the other, but we found this kind of difficult. It's easier to do if you hold Rico's belly with one hand, palm up, and use the other hand to operate Rico's feet.

Two AA batteries are included.

Do not aim the foam balls at eyes or faces.