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What It Is

What It Is

LEGO has created another great build-and-play game with Ramses Return. The object of the game is to enter the Mummy's tomb and be the first to collect three golden treasures. But it's not as easy as it sounds. Like the adventurers in an ancient pyramid, your memory and strategy are your only tools for survival. Build the game board, and position your adventurers on the start space. On each turn, depending on what you roll on the dice, you have a chance to look for matching crystal colors in one of the secret tombs. If you find a color that matches what you rolled, you can move. And you place the tomb back on a different space, so anyone behind you has to have a sharp memory. If you don't find a match, you're stuck for that turn. As you make your way around the game board, you collect crystals and gold treasures, but beware of the mummy. If you roll the Curse of Ramses, you may be sent back to start and lose some of your treasure. Ramses Return is for two to four players. The game comes with a buildable die, five LEGO microfigures, 99 LEGO pieces, a rules booklet, and a building instruction booklet.

Why It’s Fun

Ramses Return is a high-quality game that is well developed, appropriately challenging, and fun for a variety of different ages to play. Kids will like building the game before playing it, and kids can also use the game board as an Egyptian-themed playset when not being used for the game.

Who It’s For

Ramses Return is for ages 7 and up. While the memory element of finding the crystals is fairly simplistic, with everything going on in the game, it's appropriately challenging.

What to Be Aware of

LEGO suggests that the game takes 10-20 minutes to play, but we found it was a little on the longer side. Not that that matters: It's a lot of fun.

We had some trouble following the gameplay instructions, so take your time. There is a very good, animated online demo that makes everything very clear. Once you get the hang of it, the gameplay is very clear.