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  • Memory Builder from MEGA Bloks
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What It Is

What It Is

MEGA Bloks Memory Builder is a classic memory and matching game. Kids hide animal blocks in the pasture and take turns trying to recall where the animals are as they race to be the first player to find the four animals on their cards. Each player takes a barn playing card and places a MEGA Bloks base underneath the card. Then place the different colored animals randomly into the "pasture." You won't be able to see the animals, only the colored tops of the MEGA Bloks. On your turn, try to match the animals on your card to the animals in the pasture. If you are looking for a red sheep, pull out a red block from the pasture. If you picked the red sheep, add it to your card. If it's not the red sheep, put it back. The first player to match all four animals on their barn card wins. The game comes with 20 MEGA Bloks, a memory tray, four double-sided barn matching cards, and an instruction sheet.

Why It’s Fun

With its fun farm animal theme, MEGA Bloks Memory Builder is really cute, and it's also easy for kids to play. It's a great way to introduce kids to colors, memory, matching, object permanence, and other basic skills for preschoolers. The eight different cards offer great age-appropriate variation in the gameplay.

Who It’s For

MEGA Bloks Memory Builder is for ages 3 and up.

What to Be Aware of

This game can also be turned into a farm playset for kids to engage in open-ended, creative play.


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