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What It Is

What It Is

The PlasmaBike is a self-balancing bike designed to help children make an easier transition from a three-wheeler to a two-wheel bike. Its two wide wheels ensure that it won't tip over when stationery or in motion. Kids can ride without training wheels and the anxiety of having to hold their balance. There are no pedals or gears. Kids simply use their feet to propel them forward on the PlasmaBike. The PlasmaBike weighs less than eight pounds.

Why It’s Fun

Learning how to ride a two-wheel bicycle can be difficult for kids. Balance bikes help kids feel comfortable and confident as they learn to ride. The PlasmaBike is a great, easy-to-use bike for first-time riders. It gives little kids an encouraging and progressive start to bike riding.

Who It’s For

The PlasmaBike is for ages 18 months and up. The weight limit is 55 pounds.

What to Be Aware of

Always wear a helmet and shoes when riding. Adult supervision is required. The PlasmaBike is not for use on wooden floors as the wheels may damage the floors.