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What It Is

What It Is

Crib Life is a new line of small collectible baby dolls that are, according to the marketing materials, "born awesome," which refers to their unique and adorable style that's part classic baby doll, part animé. These dolls have tiny bodies and big heads, and each comes with an outfit, a charm on a key chain, a mini book that tells more about them, and an online code. With the online code, kids can go to to play games, choose a character, and watch videos. The entire Crib Life line includes Ella Song, Sydney Cutie, Makayla Song, Sarina Cutie, Lily Sweet, Lulu Lake, and Hailey Hula.

Why It’s Fun

This is a fun new collectible toy for slightly older girls who have outgrown traditional baby dolls, but still like that same type of play pattern. These dolls are really cute and have great personalities that girls can find out more about using the interactive website.

Who It’s For

Crib Life is for girls ages 5 and up. The style and the website certainly seem to be targeting older girls who think the contrast between the dolls' relative sophistication and baby styling is cute or kitschy.

What to Be Aware of

Even though the Crib Life website is safe for kids, parents may still want to monitor their child's internet use. The website is only available for a limited time.

The music on the website may be too "adult" for some parents.