Rock the Beat

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    Medium Difficulty


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What It Is

What It Is

Rock the Beat is a new party game that tests your powers of observation and ability to follow a sequence. Deal out the gesture cards to each player. Each card shows a different hand gesture that's easy for players to replicate. The gesture pictured on the card becomes each player's signature for the round. To start each round, players get a beat going. The beat keeps going throughout the play. On each turn, a player makes his or her signature gesture and then "passes" to another player by making that player's gesture. Play continues around the group until someone makes a mistake and has to take a penalty card, which changes up the game.

Why It’s Fun

Rock the Beat is the type of casual, active game that people have played for years. The cards and the structure give it a focus. The gameplay, which reminded us of a living game of Simon, is simple, while requiring good observation skills and the ability to stay on beat.

Who It’s For

Rock the Beat is for ages 10 and up. Rhythm games are a fun way to reinforce learning and observation skills with kids of this age. Chances are this will also appeal to teens and college students—who will undoubtedly have their own off-label variations.

What to Be Aware of

Despite how simple the game is, we found that the instructions were a little convoluted, so give yourself some time to figure it out. We were playing within 10 minutes of opening the box.

Rock the Beat is available at specialty stores nationwide.