Olivia Floor Puzzle

from MEGA Brands


  • Olivia Floor Puzzle


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What It Is

What It Is

The Olivia Floor Puzzle is an almost three-foot-tall puzzle of favorite character Olivia the pig. (This puzzle might end up being the same height as some of the kids who put it together.) The puzzle comes with 50 extra-large pieces.

Why It’s Fun

The size of this puzzle will appeal to kids. They'll think it's cool that they are putting together such a large version of Olivia, and the oversize pieces feel great in their hands. Especially if kids are familiar with traditional puzzles, there's something amusing about the giant-sized pieces that often appeals to them. The Olivia Floor Puzzle allows young puzzlers to interact with a favorite character.

Who It’s For

The Olivia Floor Puzzle is for ages 3 and up. We recommend that parents help children on the younger end of the spectrum put this puzzle together.

What to Be Aware of

This puzzle took us about 20 minutes to put together. Because it is not a traditional square puzzle, it might be difficult for puzzle beginners who have learned to put straight-edged pieces on the outside and work their way inside. Again, we recommend that parents help younger children with this puzzle.

Puzzles are a great, and fun, tool for helping kids develop important perceptual skills and re-orient pieces in their imaginations and physically to find the right way they fit. As much fun as it is, this really helps develop important thinking skills.