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What It Is

What It Is

New to LEGO's line of build-and-play games is Heroica Draida Bay. This game marks LEGO's entry into the adventure game category. In Draida Bay, kids must defeat the monster goblins. Players use spells and potions to enhance their power, just like in traditional, narrative adventure games. Because the game is buildable, kids can change the configuration of the game board each time they play. There is an included tool that helps make it easier to take the board apart and build it again. The game is for two players. It comes with a buildable die, four LEGO microfigures, a building instruction booklet, a rules booklet, and a poster. There are 101 pieces.

Why It’s Fun

Kids will have a lot of fun exploring the world—and mythology—of Draida Bay as they build and play this game. The gameplay is engaging for both kids and adults. Draida Bay is a great stand-alone game, but it can also be integrated into other Heroica games.

Who It’s For

Heroica Draida Bay is for ages 7 and up. It's great for kids who are into LEGO and games.

What to Be Aware of

It takes about 5—15 minutes to build the game, and building is all part of the fun of LEGO.

Because many of the pieces are flat, the tool to help take them apart is invaluable—keep it in the game box!