Mama and Zoobling Nursery

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What It Is

What It Is

The Mama and Zoobling Nursery playset is a new playset in the Zoobles toy line. This playset comes with one Mama Zooble and two Zooblings. Zoobles are all about "springing to life" and there are multiple activation points on this playset for the Mama. Girls place the folded-up Zooble on an activation point and it—through the use of hidden magnets—pops open. The Mama can hold one Zoobling inside her belly. On the playset, girls can spin the Zooblings on the double swing, give them a ride down the slide, or spin them in the playpen. There is also a scooter that the Mama can ride with two hanging baskets for the Zooblings. When girls push the scooter, the hanging baskets spin around. The playset also comes with a diaper changing station, four diapers, and a feeding station. The Mama and Zoobling Nursery playset is compatible with other Zoobles.

Why It’s Fun

There's a lot to do with this playset, and girls will enjoy taking care of their Zoobles, from mealtime to playtime. This playset offers girls lots of creative play opportunities, and makes a great addition to any girl's Zoobles collection.

Who It’s For

The Mama and Zoobling Nursery playset is for girls ages 6 and up.

What to Be Aware of

Some assembly of the playset is required.