Would You Rather?

from Spin Master


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What It Is

What It Is

Would you rather be able to turn water into wine or part the Red Sea? This is the kind of question you'll have to answer in the board game Would You Rather? Would You Rather? is the game of deranged dilemmas and difficult choices. Spin the spinner to choose a category. Then pick up a card from that category and read the dilemma. The other players use A and B cards to secretly vote for what they think you would choose. If they guess correctly, they get to move forward a space. If you fool everyone, you get to move forward one space for each stumped player. Would You Rather? comes with a game board, question cards, and movers. It is for three or more players.

Why It’s Fun

The questions in Would You Rather? are silly and often outrageous. It's fun to see how your friends and family answer the questions—you might be surprised at what they say. Adults will enjoy playing this interactive and engaging party game.

Who It’s For

Would You Rather? is for ages 16 and up.

What to Be Aware of

This game is really not appropriate for younger kids because some of the provocative nature of some of the questions.