Magic School Bus Microscope Lab

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What It Is

What It Is

The Magic School Bus Microscope Lab (based on The Magic School Bus science book series, which turns 25 this year) is a complete microscope set for ages 5 and up. The microscope itself is a traditional monocular compound microscope that magnifies samples 100, 300, and 600 times. Kids will learn the history of the microscope, explore different parts of the microscope, and discover how to use a microscope. The set comes with 20 cards that walk kids step by step through the process of finding and preparing samples of everything from plants and things in the house to tissue, placing the samples correctly on slides, studying them under magnification, and then recording the data that they gather. The steps are easy to follow, and everything is designed so that kids can feel successful as they explore and learn. This bus-shaped kit comes with blank plastic slides, cover slips, a collecting jar, tweezers, and a data notebook. Also included are pre-made slides of fungi and algae that will give kids an up close look at some very common things in the world around them.

Why It’s Fun

Science kits from The Young Scientists Club, including those in The Magic School Bus series, do a great job of getting kids interested in science through hands-on experiences. The Magic School Bus Microscope Lab encourages curiosity and competence in basic science that is both intriguing and rewarding for kids. This set makes a great complement to other science toys or a first introduction to the microscopic world.

Who It’s For

The Magic School Bus Microscope Lab is for ages 5 and up.

What to Be Aware of

The microscope included in this kit is sized just right for kids. The whole kit itself only weighs about two pounds, so younger kids will have no problem lifting and using the microscope.

The microscope slides are made of plastic, so they won't break with normal use or if dropped.