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What It Is

What It Is

Light up the night with FyrFlyz, a new take on a classic yo-yo-like toy. (In that it features a plastic piece that's manipulated on a string. Hard to explain, but you get it the moment you see it.) Each precision balanced instrument is designed to spin on its axis. Simply by swinging the connected two strings and pulling to apply tension or letting go to allow slack, kids create a continuous movement—figure eights, rings, etc. Turn off the lights or take it out in the dark, and the multi-color LED lights turn the movement into a light show.

Spin FyrFlyz to create a wide array of tricks: turn them sideways to create slick sidewinders, pull tight to create whizzing black holes, or loosen the strings to make shooting stars or loop-de-loops. The more kids spin, the more unique their tricks may be. Kids can visit FyrFlyz.com to learn more tricks.

FyrFlyz are made using a uni-body shell with batteries; multi-color LED lights with soft, safety tips; an on/off switch; strings; and double-safety grip handles. FyrFlyz will be available in a variety of light colors, and there are three available at the launch.

Why It’s Fun

FyrFlyz look cool in action, but it's also really easy to make that action happen. It won't take kids long to learn how to work the strings and perform FyrFlyz tricks. Whether performing tricks from the FyrFlyz website or inventing their own tricks, kids will like creating their very own light shows with FyrFlyz.

Who It’s For

FyrFlyz are for ages 8 and up.

What to Be Aware of

The tricks last only a moment, but that's plenty of time to put on a show and keep kids engaged.

FyrFlyz will be available nationwide in September with limited distribution now. They require two button cell batteries, which are included.