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What It Is

What It Is

The Big View Bug Jars, part of Learning Resources' Early Science toy line, give kids a hands-on way to explore the world of bugs right in their own backyards. Kids are fascinated by catching and watching bugs, but some kids can be a little creeped out by them. The Big View Bug Jars let kids get up close and personal with bugs without having the bugs crawling on them.

Each Big View Bug Jar is a plastic cup with ventilation holes, which makes it easy for the kids to see and allows air to circulate. Press a button on the ladybug cap and the ladybug's wings pop open to reveal a 3.5x magnifying glass. Kids can look at the bugs up close. When observation time is finished, simply untwist the ladybug cap to let the bugs back into the wild. The Big View Bug Jars are sold in colorful sets of six or 12.

Why It’s Fun

Learning Resources Early Science toy line is all about taking big science concepts and simplifying them for young minds and little hands. Kids might have to get a little dirty to catch the bugs (and younger kids will probably need help from mom or dad), but they'll enjoy observing the live bugs and engaging their fascination with the world around them without the fear of touching the bugs. In fact, this activity may help kids be less squeamish about bugs. Big View Bug Jars make the outdoors more accessible to kids, while encouraging scientific exploration.

Who It’s For

Big View Bug Jars are for ages 3 and up. They make a great classroom item, but are also fun for parents and kids to use together at home.

What to Be Aware of

Don't leave the bugs in the jar for extended periods of time. Make sure to release the bugs when you're done.

Parents should set guidelines for what can and cannot be caught in the Bug Jars. Ladybugs — yes. Wasps — no.