Dark Side Detector Mini Lightsaber

from Uncle Milton


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What It Is

What It Is

The Dark Side Detector Mini Lightsaber is part of Uncle Milton's Star Wars Science line. The toys in this line combine scientific principle with popular themes and characters from the Star Wars movies. The Dark Side Detector is designed to help kids understand electricity.

By building and using the Dark Side Detector, kids can find out if they are a Jedi or part of the "dark side." The lightsaber comes in six pieces that kids can easily assemble. Push the button on the hilt and if the lightsaber glows blue, you're a Jedi. If the lightsaber glows red, then you're a Sith.

How does the lightsaber know? The Dark Side Detector has technology built into the hilt's button to detect "energy." It senses body temperature and lights up based on your "energy", kind of like how a mood ring works.

The Dark Side Detector comes with an educational manual that talks about electricity in the body and popular Jedi and Sith characters from the Star Wars world.

Why It’s Fun

Educational features aside, young Star Wars fans are going to enjoy playing with this mini lightsaber. It's fun to see what lightsaber color glows when you touch the button. But regardless of which side of the force you're on, kids will simply like engaging in pretend lightsaber fights with this toy.

Who It’s For

The Dark Side Detector is for ages 6 and up. Star Wars fans are going to find this toy the most fun.

What to Be Aware of

Three 1.5-volt AG5/LR48 batteries are included. Directions for replacing the batteries are on the bottom of the box.

It's not very clear as to how kids learn about electricity through this toy. The information manual, while providing good information about electricity in our bodies, doesn't make a clear connection between the lightsaber and electricity. This won't be a problem for kids, though, who will simply have fun building and playing with the lightsaber.