DartZone Quickfire 12

from Prime Time Toys


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  • DartZone Quickfire 12


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    Medium Difficulty


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What It Is

What It Is

The DartZone Quickfire 12 is a pump-action, two-barrel foam dart blaster. It fires six darts without the need to reload. The Quickfire 12 is also easy for kids to use: simply load the darts and pull back on the trigger to send a dart flying. The two pre-loaded, interchangeable ammo cartridges hold six darts each for a total of 12 foam darts. Once you launch the first round of six, quickly reload with the second ammo cartridge.

Why It’s Fun

Boys (of many ages) love blasting battle play, and foam dart blasters are a great and safe way for boys to engage in this play pattern. The Quickfire 12 is lightweight and easy to use. Kids will like how easy it is to reload in the middle of a dart fight.

Who It’s For

The Quickfire 12 is for ages 6 and up.

What to Be Aware of

Don't aim the darts at people. Don't launch any other object other than the darts provided.