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Product Information

  • Optrix 3-D Bubbles from Imperial Toy
  • We recommend this product for ages 3 and up

What It Is

What It Is

Optrix 3-D Bubbles takes bubble play to a new dimension. When kids look at the bubbles they've blown through the 3-D glasses, they'll see iridescent 3-D images popping off of the bubbles. There are four image styles available: stars, hearts, lightning bolts, and butterflies. Each set comes with a pair of 3-D glasses, an eight-ounce bottle of bubbles, a dipping tray, and a bubble wand.

Why It’s Fun

We usually don't see a lot of innovation in bubble toys, which is why 3-D bubbles are so cool. The Optrix 3-D Bubbles combines a classic play pattern with popular technology to create a unique and fun way to enjoy bubbles.

Who It’s For

Optrix 3-D Bubbles are for ages 3—7, but even older kids and adults will think this new innovation is pretty cool.

What to Be Aware of

For best results, play with Optrix 3-D Bubbles on a sunny day.

This works with any bubble solution because the mechanism that shows the shapes is built into the glasses. However, the Optrix bubble blower makes larger bubbles, and the larger the bubbles, the easier it is to see the effect.


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