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What It Is

What It Is

Schleich has been producing Smurfs figurines since the 1960s in Europe where the little blue figures had been favorites since they first appeared in 1958. This year, with a new Smurfs movie coming out in August, Schleich is celebrating both the old and new through a variety of new figurines and sets.

There are six new individual Smurfs figurines based on The Smurfs, the new CGI-animated/live-action 3D movie coming out in July. These new figurines have a different look than the classic Smurfs. The new Smurfs, based on the new look from the movie, have blue eyes and bigger noses and feet. Characters include Papa Smurf, Gutsy, Brainy, Smurfette, Clumsy, and Grouchy. Each retails for about $4.99.

The Smurfs Movie Set is a collector's box set containing the six main characters from the new movie: Papa Smurf, Clumsy, Smurfette, Gutsy, Grouchy, and Brainy. The set retails for about $27.99.

Schleich is also going back in time with its Smurfs Decade Sets. Each set represents a different decade from the last 50 years (1960—2009) of Smurfs. Each Decade Set has a theme with five figurines (in the classic Smurfs style) that are displayed against a diorama. They retail for about $24.99 each.

Why It’s Fun

Schleich's Smurfs figurines and sets are a great way for kids to engage with the new movie before it hits theaters. These high-quality and highly collectible figurines let kids recreate the fun of the movie or create their own "Smurftastic" adventures.

Who It’s For

The Smurfs figurines and sets are for ages 3 and up. Kids will probably like the Smurfs Movie Set and figurines based on the new movie the best, while adult fans will want to collect the Decade Sets.

What to Be Aware of

Schleich's Smurfs toys are mainly sold in specialty stores.