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What It Is

What It Is

The Stereopticon was the first 3-D viewer in the middle of the 19th Century, and the original View-Master debuted in 1939, giving kids and adults a way to view 3-D images.

With a quantum leap into the 21st century, Hasbro has introduced a new take on this constantly fascinating play pattern with a new viewer called My3D. Instead of using disks or slides, it uses an iPhone or iPod Touch to bring the 3-D magic to life. Just snap your iPhone or iPod Touch into the device, download the specially formatted My3D apps from the App Store, and view movie trailers, play games, visit Los Angeles, hunt for sharks, and more—all in 3-D. Each My3D viewer comes with four adaptor trays to fit the iPhone or iPod Touch. My3D is available in white or black.

Why It’s Fun

This is a great toy choice if you've already got an iPhone or iPod Touch. My3D is something that everyone in the family can play with because of the wide array of apps available for the product.

Who It’s For

The My3D is for iPod Touch and iPhone owners ages 8 and up.

What to Be Aware of

It is recommended that you sit down when using My3D because you move your head around a lot when playing.

We also found that you'll want to limit the time you play with it because extended play resulted in headaches and dizziness for some people. Discontinue use if you feel uncomfortable.

Most of the app selections are free, but they are quite large and can take awhile to download. Be sure you have enough space on your iPhone or iPod Touch before you load the programs, and always be sure to back it up.

In order to fit the iPod Touch or iPhone into the My3D, you need to take the iPhone or iPod Touch out of any protective casing. The viewer comes with several different backs that you need to match to the device that you have.

You need a code that's unique to your viewer to activate the programs once you have downloaded them. The code is located on the inside of the viewer where the iPhone or iPod sits. There are no instructions describing this with the viewer. However, pictures when you launch the apps will show you where the code is if you're having difficulty.