Click Buddies

from BuckleyBoo



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What It Is

What It Is

Click Buddies are both finger puppets and rattles that babies can take on the go. They strap onto a car seat, diaper bag, high chair, or stroller. Each Click Buddy comes with one clip that is attached with a buckle. Once unbuckled, the Click Buddies can be used as simple, soft rattle toys for babies to hold and play with. A polka dot ribbon strip goes across each Click Buddies' stomach, which provides texture and color for babies to explore. Click Buddies come in cat, dog, bear, or bunny styles. Each is sold separately.

Why It’s Fun

These soft toys are really cute and make a great addition to a baby's Easter basket. Babies will like squeezing and exploring the different textures on Click Buddies. With just a quick clip, you can take Click Buddies with you wherever you go.

Who It’s For

BuckleyBoo recommends Click Buddies for ages 1 month—4 years. Click Buddies are a great item for babies, and, as babies get older, they'll start to unbuckle the clip themselves and play with the Click Buddies as finger puppets.

What to Be Aware of

Click Buddies finger puppets fit over parents' fingers, so parents can interact with their baby while playing with Click Buddies.

These are great for a first Easter basket—as they're useful and fun and appropriate for the youngest kids.

We really don't think that the older kids are going to be very engaged by these.