Peek At Me Bunny

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What It Is

What It Is

The Peek At Me Bunny is a soft plush bunny with sensors on its body for interactive play. Turn the bunny on by pressing its right foot. The bunny starts off in Play Mode by singing a song and playing sounds. When babies touch the bunny's hands or left foot, the bunny says phrases ("I have a yellow triangle in my hand!") and plays different sounds. Babies can also play peek-a-boo with the bunny by pulling down on one or both of the bunny's ears. Magnetic sensors in the bunny's head meet sensors in the bunny's ears allowing the bunny to know that it is playing peek-a-boo.

The bunny is also equipped with a sound sensor. In the Play Mode, the bunny will prompt children to clap or tap their feet. When kids do this, they activate the sound sensor, and the bunny will respond to the child's actions.

Press the bunny's right foot a second time to enter Night Mode. In this mode, the bunny will play soft melodies appropriate for bedtime. The light in its belly will fade in and out with the sound.

Why It’s Fun

Bunnies are a big focus around Easter time, and this is a great bunny for the younger set. It's simple and fun features keep babies engaged as they play, but also help soothe babies as they sleep. This is a great item to promote discovery and exploration. You can also turn the bunny off and just have a really cute and soft bunny in an Easter basket.

Who It’s For

Peek At Me Bunny is for ages 6 months and up.

What to Be Aware of

Two AA batteries are included, but they are for demo purposes only and not intended for long use. You may want to change the batteries as soon as you take the bunny out of the box.

To preserve battery life, Peek At Me Bunny will automatically power down after 30 seconds without input in the Play Mode. In the Night Mode, the unit will automatically power down after playing two or three melodies. The bunny can be turned on again by pressing any button.