Special Agent Oso R.R. Rapide Command Center

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What It Is

What It Is

Straight from the Playhouse Disney animated series comes the Special Agent Oso Whirly Bird. Kids who are familiar with the show will recognize Special Agent Oso, a stuffed panda bear and secret agent in training, and the R.R. Rapide Command Center. Use the Oso figure to open up the cockpit thanks to magnetic activation points. When Oso sits in the cockpit, lights, sounds, and character voices are activated. Press the green button on top of the command center to hear even more sounds. Open up the command center for more fun: there are jet packs, a sliding platform, a moving chair, and a motorcycle launcher for Wolfie. The command center also expands to three feet in length. This playset comes with the command center, Oso, Wolfie, and a motorcycle.

Why It’s Fun

This is such a cool-looking playset with tons of great play features and hidden surprises. We love the magnetic activation; it adds a hint of "magic" to the play that kids will really enjoy. Whether kids reenact scenes from the show or create new secret agent adventures, this playset will definitely help kids engage in open-ended and creative play.

Who It’s For

The R.R. Rapide Command Center is for ages 3 and up. Kids who are familiar with Special Agent Oso will like this toy the most.

What to Be Aware of

The sounds on this toy are really loud and there is no volume control. There is, however, an off button.

The Oso figure, thanks to the magnetic activation points, opens the cockpit. But when you put the figure in the cockpit and close the door, opening it back up again without the use of the magnetic Oso figure is difficult. (Hint: Squeeze gently on the sides of the cockpit cover to release.) Little kids might need help from mom or dad.

Two AAA batteries are included.