Sky Ball League Official Glove & Ball Set

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What It Is

What It Is

The Sky Ball League Official Glove & Ball Set brings the action of the Sky Ball League to kids everywhere. The Official Sky Ball League balls are ultra-pressurized and come in six colors featuring Sky Ball League team logos. The Smash Glove has a high-performance slammer plate in the palm for ultra high hits. The gloves are right- or left-handed and come in green, red, and yellow.

This glove and ball set is a spin-off of Maui Toys' popular Sky Ball, a hyper-charged ball that can bounce up to 75 feet in the air. Maui Toys is launching its Sky Ball League, a co-ed extreme sport that plays like European handball using the gloves and Sky Balls. Kids can visit to find out more information, including rules of the game and where auditions will be held for the league. (Maui Toys plans to bring the Sky Ball League to TV this year.)

Why It’s Fun

The Official Glove & Ball Set gives kids a new way to play with Sky Ball. They can play a Sky Ball League game with friends or use the glove to see how high they can bounce the Sky Ball. This set is great for promoting physical activity.

The concept is a little bit like Ultimate Frisbee in that it gives a focus and structure to the play with the Sky Balls.

Who It’s For

The Sky Ball League Official Glove & Ball Set is for ages 6 and up. Older kids and even adults will really like the active gameplay and high-bouncing Sky Balls.

What to Be Aware of

Don't use Sky Balls inside. They bounce really high, so you'll need a lot of space when playing with them.