Backyard Safari Butterfly Keepers' Butterfly Habitat

from Summit Toys


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What It Is

What It Is

The Butterfly Habitat, part of the Backyard Safari line of outdoor exploration toys, is an extra large habitat for butterflies. Kids can go outside and catch butterflies in the habitat, then watch them fly around. The habitat is made of nylon mesh so the butterflies can breathe. Kids can also mail a coupon to Summit Toys and Summit will send kids caterpillars with food so that kids can watch the caterpillars turn into butterflies right in the habitat.

The habitat comes with a hang/carry strap and Velcro closures. It expands to 16 inches, but folds flat for easy storage. An included pop-up field guide helps kids gear up for outdoor fun.

Why It’s Fun

As with all Backyard Safari toys, the Butterfly Habitat is a great way for kids to get up close and personal with nature. For kids who like to explore the great outdoors, this is a fun and functional tool for them to use.

Who It’s For

The recommended age for the Butterfly Habitat is 4 and up. Younger kids will probably get more out of watching caterpillars grow in the habitat, while the older kids will definitely enjoy catching butterflies in the field.

What to Be Aware of

When kids are done observing the butterflies, make sure to let the butterflies go. However, kids and parents should be prepared for some of them to die in captivity.

We particularly like the ability to raise a butterfly from a caterpillar; that's a great way for kids to engage with the process of nature in a way that's very real to them.

Some kids might want to catch other creatures in the habitat. Make sure to set ground rules as to what is and isn't appropriate to catch.