My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle’s Twinkling Balloon

from Hasbro


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Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

What It Is

Twilight Sparkle's Twinkling Balloon is a hot air balloon playset in the My Little Pony line. The balloon lights up, changes colors, and plays music when girls push the star-shaped button. The balloon also features a nighttime mode that plays soothing sounds and illuminates the balloon like a nightlight. There is room for three ponies—two in the basket and one on top. The playset comes with a small Twilight Sparkle pony and a Spike the Dragon figure. Girls can use their other My Little Pony figures with this playset. Three AAA batteries are included.

Why It’s Fun

This is essentially two items in one. Girls can play with the My Little Pony figures and balloon, but when playtime is over, girls can fall asleep with their favorite pony friends.

Who It’s For

Girls ages 3 and up will like this playset.

What to Be Aware of

The balloon's light will turn off automatically after several minutes.