Cookie Monster’s Letter Lunch

from Hasbro


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What It Is

What It Is

Cookie Monster's Letter Lunch is a playset where kids can make food and letters out of Play-Doh. Kids can even "feed" Cookie Monster the play food. Tilt Cookie Monster's head back to open his mouth and put the "food" inside. Then close his mouth. The "food" falls down Cookie Monster and can be retrieved through a hole in Cookie Monster's back. The three-piece playset set comes with 26 letter molds, a play mat, a bowl with lid, a presser, a plastic knife, a plastic spoon, a plastic fork, a roller, and four two-ounce cans of Play-Doh.

Why It’s Fun

C is for cookie but with this playset Cookie Monster shows kids there are other foods out there. From hamburgers to vegetables to alphabet soup, kids will have a lot of fun "cooking" up items for Cookie Monster to eat. This playset is great for helping kids build letter recognition, matching skills, and fine motor skills.

Who It’s For

Cookie Monster's Letter Lunch is for ages 3 and up. Kids with an interest in cooking will really like pretending to be a chef with this playset.

What to Be Aware of

Sesame Workshop has been very concerned that Cookie Monster not become associated with bad eating habits. While we think this is a little bit of overkill, kids won't really care. They'll have a lot of fun making the food and feeding it to Cookie. It's really up to parents to control kids' diets.

Some assembly of this playset is required.

For children with allergies, Play-Doh is made with wheat.