Hot Wheels Sea Serpent Island

from Mattel


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What It Is

What It Is

We know that some kids already take their Hot Wheels cars into the bathtub. The Hot Wheels Sea Serpent Island playset provides a whole environment for water play that offers a fun way to play while kids get clean. The easily assembled unit has three floats that allow it to stay upright in water as well as a track that kids will enjoy sending their cars flying down and splashing into the tub. There's a small pump with a tube that feeds into the serpent's head (hence the name) at the top of the toy that squirts water by sucking up water from the tub. There are also other water features such as a starting gate cup that kids fill with water to lift the gate and send the included Hot Wheels car down the racetrack. A hidden lever in the track changes the direction of the car.

Why It’s Fun

Sea Serpent Island is an action-packed way to make bath time fun, especially for reluctant bathers. Kids will like the sea serpent water shooter and racing cars down its track. Because this is a floating playset, it could also be used in the pool.

Who It’s For

Sea Serpent Island is for ages 4 and up. Kids, especially boys, with an interest in cars and racing will like this.

What to Be Aware of

While this floats really well, kids will get the best results from the serpent squirter by stabilizing the unit with one hand while they activate the pump.

This playset is not for use with some Hot Wheels vehicles, according to the manufacturer.