Laugh & Learn Smart Screen Laptop

from Fisher-Price

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Product Information

  • Laugh & Learn Smart Screen Laptop from Fisher-Price
  • Part of the Laugh & Learn brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 6 months and up

What It Is

What It Is

The Laugh & Learn Smart Screen Laptop is designed to teach younger children basic elements, such as ABCs, numbers, colors, shapes, and more. Babies push any of the nine brightly colored buttons or roll the mouse to hear words, songs, and other sound effects. The LED screen displays corresponding images. There are three modes of play: Learning, Music, and Bilingual. The carry handle allows for on-the-go learning fun.

Why It’s Fun

Young children are fascinated by the world around them, and that world usually includes Mom and Dad's computer. The Laugh & Learn Smart Screen Laptop is a simple way to introduce infants to computers without the risk of messing up parents' equipment.

Who It’s For

The Laugh & Learn Smart Screen Laptop is for children 6 months to 36 months. However, we feel that by the age of 2, kids might want something more realistic. That is, they'll likely be playing on mom and dad's computers.

What to Be Aware of

Like many educational toys, the package copy tells you that this will "teach" kids letters and numbers. While it's certainly effective at creating letter recognition, and engaging kids in activities, the teaching part works best when parents or caregivers interact with the child while playing. These are also good at reinforcing other learning activities.

The laptop requires three AA batteries, which are included.

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