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What It Is

What It Is

Magic Zoo is the latest playset in the Moon Dough line of products. Now kids can use Moon Dough, the moldable dough that never dries out, to create zoo animals. First, place one of the included Winder Walkers figures (a figure with a wind-up mechanism) into the zoo gate. Then stuff one of the molds with Moon Dough. Lock the mold into the zoo gate. Turn the handle and the mold drops down on top of the figure. When it is ready, kids will hear a pop and the mold will open to reveal a Moon Dough animal all wound up and walking around. The set comes with three animal molds (penguin, bear, and gorilla), three packages of colored moon dough, two Winder Walkers, a sticker sheet, a fence mold, and a Magic Cage that holds the molds in place.

Why It’s Fun

This playset allows kids to make their own animals, which is fun, but then kids also get to make those animals walk. It's neat to see the Moon Dough animal "magically" pop out of the mold and begin walking around. Little kids will really enjoy that surprise. And because Moon Dough never dries out, kids can create animals over and over again.

Who It’s For

Moon Dough Magic Zoo is for kids ages 3 and up.

What to Be Aware of

The Magic Zoo won't work if the Winder Walkers and Magic Cage aren't locked in, so make sure each is secure before cranking the handle. Also, do not overstuff the molds.

Moon Dough can be messy, so set up an area for kids where it's okay to get messy.

For children with gluten allergies, Moon Dough is wheat-free.