Hand-Launch Glider “Extreme Team”

from Playmobil


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Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

What It Is

Throw, glide, and catch with the red and yellow Hand-Launch Glider "Extreme Team". This airplane that kids put together themselves (It takes about five minutes.) is made with an ultralight material, kind of like foam. This material allows the plane to fly up to 50 feet or farther, as long as it's thrown correctly. The glider comes with a Playmobil pilot figure, as well as a pair of pilot's wings that kids can wear.

Why It’s Fun

This is an engaging activity that challenges kids to build and fly this plane. There's more to this plane than simply throwing it in the air and watching it fly. Kids can race two planes at once or engage in a game of airplane catch. There's also something really satisfying to kids about having a hand in building the toy before playing with it.

Who It’s For

This toy will probably appeal mostly to boys. The recommended age is 6—10.

What to Be Aware of

Do not try to fly this toy indoors. You really need a lot of room for this, so only use it outside.