Mimicking Monkey

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What It Is

What It Is

The Mimicking Monkey is a soft, stuffed animal that can be used as a sleep device for small children. Tucked inside the monkey's back is a removable sound machine that plays sounds for playtime (monkey noises), relaxation (a waterfall), and sleep time (native lullaby). Parents can also use the sound machine to record a personal message for their child. This message will play during the soothing sounds, so a child may be further comforted by hearing his own name in a voice he recognizes. The monkey also comes with a storybook full of pictures, stories, and fun facts about the monkey and his environment.

Why It’s Fun

Mimicking Monkey is like getting two toys in one. When it's playtime, Mimicking Monkey is a fun toy that helps create an entertaining atmosphere with its cheerful chitchat noises. But when its naptime or bedtime, the monkey turns into a cuddly sleep aid that helps kids relax and rest with its soothing sounds.

Who It’s For

Mimicking Monkey can be a good idea for young children ages 3 and up who have trouble falling asleep. If kids are afraid of the dark, the soothing sounds and softness of Mimicking Monkey will help ease kids to sleep.

What to Be Aware of

Two AA batteries are included. For safety reasons, the Mimicking Monkey should not be used in the crib. Do not leave an infant unattended with the product.