Hot Wheels Monster Jam Grave Digger Ultimate Stunt Jumper

from Mattel


  • Monster Jam R/C Grave Digger
  • Hot Wheels Monster Jam Grave Digger Ultimate Stunt Jumper


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What It Is

What It Is

Mattel's Hot Wheels brand brings a thrilling new vehicle experience to Monster Jam fans with the Grave Digger Ultimate Stunt Jumper. This 9.5-inch vehicle (a scale model of the real-life Grave Digger) flips to the front, the back, and even to the side. Kids can create their own stunts and control the flipping action by locking the Grave Digger's bottom clip in place. The clip determines which direction Grave Digger will flip, so if kids want the car to flip forward, they simply turn the clip to the proper position and push down to lock the clip in place. Then kids push the car forward. While in motion, Grave Digger will flip in the direction indicated by the clip. There are no batteries required, just good old kid power.

Why It’s Fun

Monster Jam is all about monster trucks driving and flipping over other cars, and this toy brings the action from the arena to the playroom. Kids can easily create their own Monster Jam stunt show with the Grave Digger.

Who It’s For

Grave Digger Ultimate Stunt Jumper is recommended for ages 5 and up. Obviously, this toy will appeal to boys, especially those who are familiar with the monster truck shows known as Monster Jam. It's likely that older kids—and adult boys—will get a kick out of playing with it as well.

What to Be Aware of

The clip on the bottom of the vehicle is easy to turn, but can be hard for little kids to push down and lock in place.