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What It Is

What It Is

Greenzys Giraffe is part of the latest line of eco-friendly toys for kids. The collection of four soft characters, which also includes a panda, a penguin, and an elephant, are designed to introduce green living to kids in an age-appropriate way. Each animal comes with a storybook that teaches kids the importance of being green. The product itself is also an example in eco-friendliness. The 12-inch soft toys are made with soy fibers and colored with non-toxic dyes. And with every Greenzys purchase, The Arbor Day Foundation will plant a tree and a portion of the purchase is contributed to the Environmental Media Association. Each animal also comes with a secret code on its hangtag, which is made from recycled materials, that kids can input at to receive a personalized printable certificate documenting the planting of their tree.

Why It’s Fun

Eco-friendliness aside, little kids will like Greenzys because they are soft, cute, and incredibly huggable. The fact that small children might learn a thing or two about saving the environment is a nice bonus.

Who It’s For

Because of how they are made, Greenzys are safe even for babies. Kids Preferred suggests Greenzys for ages birth to 3, but really Greenzys could appeal to any kid who likes stuffed animals. Obviously, babies aren't going to have much of an interest in the "green" aspect of the toy, but older kids will have fun and feel accomplished as they, with the help of Mom and Dad, print out their certificate. The green theme is something that will appeal more to eco-conscious parents and gift-givers.

What to Be Aware of

To print out the certificate online, kids will need parents' help. The Greenzys website provides printing instructions.