Zhu Zhu Princess Magical Crystal Ballroom

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What It Is

What It Is

Since Zhu Zhu Pets were introduced in 2009, the "Zhu-niverse," as they call it, has continued to expand. This year the electronic hamsters get girly with the Zhu Zhu Princess line. One of the main playsets in the line is the Magical Crystal Ballroom where the hamsters can "dance" and "twirl" alone or together. There is also a "magical" dance key that unlocks a special song when kids swipe the hamster across it.

The ballroom connects to the other main playset in the Zhu Zhu Princess line, the Magical Princess Castle, which is sold separately. There are other accessories, such as the Carriage and Enchanted Outfits, to further the play and they are also sold separately. However, Zhu Zhu Princess products are fully compatible with other products in the Zhu Zhu Pets line, so kids can build and customize their own unique Zhu Zhu world using Zhu Zhu Pets items they may already own.

Why It’s Fun

The technology in this item, with the hamsters "dancing" on their own, really adds to the imaginative play and gives new focus to the Zhu Zhu Pets play beyond watching them skitter around. Plus, kids love to fantasize about their pets in different settings, and this lets them do that, without getting a disgruntled or confused live hamster.

Who It’s For

The Magical Crystal Ballroom is geared toward younger kids. Girls will like it best because it's all about playing prince and princess. Whether they're already Zhu Zhu fans or are new to the toys, this is a colorful, fun and self-contained playset.

What to Be Aware of

This playset does not come with any Zhu Zhu Princess hamsters. They are sold separately.

For best results, read the directions. (We should put that in every review!) Seriously, when you place the prince and princess in the dance position, you'll need to press the buttons on each hamster at the same time for them to dance together.

You have to put this together. Give yourself plenty of time because it takes a little bit of patience. If you are giving this as a gift and you want to play with it right away, you might want to consider assembling it first if that's practical.