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What It Is

What It Is

Get tied up in knots with ThinkFun's Knot So Fast game. Knot So Fast is a knot-tying race game that finds players trying to correctly tie knots in the least amount of time. Pick a card from the 40-card deck and begin tying the knot shown on the card, such as the Overhand Knot or the Slipknot. The first player to tie the knot calls out "Finished!" and turns over the 30-second timer. The other players then have 30 seconds to finish their knots. The first finished player scores points based on how many of the other players' knots are correct. But the other players can also score points if the first player's knot is incorrectly tied. The game includes a scorekeeper/cardholder, four ropes, four rings, a timer, 40 challenge cards, and an instruction manual. It is for one to four players.

Why It’s Fun

The rules of the game sound easy enough, but some of these knots are anything but. Luckily there are three knot levels—beginner, intermediate, and expert—so players can start off with the basics and then, as they get the hang of it, progress to harder knots, some of which require the use of plastic rings. Because the game can be played with up to four people or solo, you can give yourself an edge by practicing on your own before playing with friends. The different levels (and variety of gameplay options) make Knot So Fast fun for all members of the family to play, and you'll get a great mental workout as you complete each knot.

Who It’s For

This game is really for kids older than 8, just as the age-grading states. It requires dexterity and patience to tie even the simplest of knots, and only through practice will players acquire the necessary skills to progress to the harder knots. That said, the sense of accomplishment once you've mastered a knot will propel you to play this game again and again.

What to Be Aware of

As we've said, this game requires patience and practice. Keep that in mind as you begin to play and make sure to start with the easy knots. You'll get the hang of it after a few rounds of play.