Tony Hawk: Shred

from Activision


  • Tony Hawk Circuit Boards Roll In Ramp
  • Tony Hawk Circuit Boards Power Axle Set
  • Tony Hawk Circuit Boards Tri Pack
  • Tony Hawk Circuit Boards Halfpipe
  • Tony Hawk Circuit Boards Collector Series
  • Tony Hawk Circuit Boards Skatepark


Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

What It Is

Tony Hawk is undeniably the most famous professional skateboarder around. He has parlayed his talent on a skateboard into a successful brand with a series of skateboarding games as its cornerstone. My first skateboard was a Tony Hawk board, so it’s only fitting that the first skateboard game I review is a Tony Hawk game. Tony Hawk Shred is the latest game in the Tony Hawk series from Activision and uses a wireless skateboard controller to recreate the experience of riding a skateboard. The skateboard controller looks like a skateboard without the wheels and the game is played through movements on the board that mimic the real-world experience of riding a skateboard.

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