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What It Is

Unleash your inner artist with the new uDraw. uDraw is an art studio for the Nintendo Wii. Utilizing the uDraw GameTablet and uDraw Studio software (which come bundled together), kids can express their artistic creativity right on the TV.

The GameTablet is a thin, lightweight device with a 4x6 drawing space and "pen" attached. When kids move the pen on the drawing surface, their lines will show up on the screen. The Wii remote docks on the uDraw GameTablet, offering players tilt movement options by capitalizing on the Wii remote's motion sensors. You may not use this function much when drawing, but with the uDraw game Dood's Big Adventure (sold separately), the uDraw GameTablet becomes a gaming controller that kids can use to move and direct characters throughout levels of the game.

uDraw Studio features versatile and easy-to-use tools so kids can paint, draw, and color anything from simple doodles to intricate masterpieces. Kids have the freedom to create works of art without the hassle of clean-up. There are more than nine unique painting/drawing media that allow users to draw simple lines with a pen then add character with the airbrush tool or chalk. A huge library of stamps and more than 15 post-processing effects (black & white, sepia, negative, etc.) create endless customization options. Simple sliders and toggles adjust opacity, size, and paint drop-off. Draw a perfectly straight line with the Line Tool and fill in areas with color using the Paint Fill tool. You can even select a number of canvas types to draw on everything from notebook paper to cardboard. Choose to paint in one of eight environments, such as on a street corner in Paris or at a beach house overlooking the ocean, designed to encourage creativity. Once done creating, kids can save their artwork to an SD-Card, then print and share with friends and family.

Other gaming software (sold separately) offers new ways for kids and parents to create and play together. The four different games within Dood's Big Adventure lets players customize their on-screen characters, as well as other objects and tools. Pictionary offers more than 3,000 clues with exciting new draw modes to update the classic board game.

One of the best things about uDraw is that the whole family can use it. From playing games to "painting" masterpieces, uDraw offers hours of creative play. Overall, the interface is easy to use and very responsive. It will be used best when in conjunction with other more traditional arts and crafts items, as the play is slightly different, though rewarding.