Toy Story 3 Lenticular Puzzle

from Cardinal Games


  • Toy Story Woody Talking Action Figure
  • Toy Story Jessie Talking Action Figure
  • Buzz Lightyear Talking Action Figure
  • Toy Story 20th Anniversary Sunnyside Daycare Gift Set
  • Toy Story 20th Anniversary Andy's Room Gift Set
  • Slinky Dog Bunch-O-Bubbles
  • Tell Tale Toy Story
  • Talking Woody
  • Toy Story 3 Lots-O'-Huggin Bear Medium
  • Talking Buzz Lightyear


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What It Is

Kids can piece together their favorite Toy Story 3 characters with this fun lenticular puzzle. This isn't an ordinary puzzle, though. The puzzle utilizes lenticular printing, a technology that gives an image the ability to move or change as it is viewed from different angles. Once kids put this puzzle together, they will see the final image of Woody and friends, but by viewing the puzzle from different angles, Woody tips his hat, Jessie yodels, and Rex smiles. Kids will love the surprise of seeing the characters move right on the puzzle. They'll also find it appropriately challenging to put the puzzle together, as the picture appears to move as kids are handling the pieces, requiring them to pay a bit more attention as they play. The completed puzzle would be great to hang in a child's bedroom (Provided you glue the back with puzzle cement, available at most craft stores.), or take it apart and do it again and again. This 48-piece puzzle measures 12 inches by nine inches.