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What It Is

Last year miniature pigs called teacup pigs became the new must-have pet among celebrities. Jessica Simpson, Carrie Underwood, and David and Victoria Beckham are just a few celebrity owners. The teacup pig craze has even been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, and other TV shows. A pig might not be the type of pet most parents would ever condone bringing into their homes, but toy Teacup Piggies at least let kids feel like they're part of a trend. Unlike celebrities, most kids don't have someone to take care of their porcine pals, so a toy is definitely a better choice.

Teacup Piggies are six-inch toy versions of real teacup pigs. They have poseable heads and legs and will "fall asleep" when you place them on their side. The voice-activated Teacup Piggies speak more than 20 phrases, and each comes with a teacup, accessories, and a birth certificate.

These start out as toy versions of real animals. Then Teacup Piggies incorporate fashion and aspirational play elements. Each pig comes dressed in a unique outfit that reflects its personality and hobbies. Glitter is an artist, Goldie loves to rock and roll, and Oscar wants to be a movie star. There are 15 different pigs with more on the way, so girls can pick the pig that most aligns with their own interests or collect them all. Clothing sets and playsets, including a loft, fashion runway, and spa, are also available and sold separately. Teacup Piggies are a cute new way for girls to engage in fashion and pretend play, and for families where a real mini-porker is not an option, they are the next best thing.