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What It Is

Strategize, block, and capture. That's the way to win in Blockers. The object of this new game is to create connected groups of your own tiles on the board. You can also capture another player's tile by replacing it with a tile of your own. At the end of the game, count the number of groups you have on the board and the number of tiles you have captured. The player with the lowest total wins.

There are more advanced ways to play Blockers, as well as several different strategies to try. Do you want to have as few groups as possible at the end of the game? Or do you want to keep your pieces to the outer edges of the board? No matter what strategy you prefer, the tactical possibilities are endless. This is a game that gets players thinking.

Blockers comes with a game board, 140 tiles, five tile racks, and instructions in English and Spanish. It is for two to five players.