Fancy Nancy Hide & Peek Game

from Briarpatch


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Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Fancy Nancy has misplaced so many things—from her fancy hat to her red shoes! It's up to girls to help Nancy find the hidden accessories that are lost around her house and garden.

There are 16 tokens to hide and 24 places to hide them on the 3-D board, which makes the game different every time it's played. After all the tokens have been hidden, shuffle the cards and place them in a stack. Each player takes turns drawing a card, showing the card to everyone, and looking for the item on the card. If you find a match to the card, magnifique! Keep the token and the card. If the token does not match, show the token to everyone, put it back where you found it, and place the card on the bottom of the deck. Players will have to use their memory skills to remember where unmatched tokens are hidden. The first player to match four accessory tokens wins the game.

This game is a lot of fun for fans of the Fancy Nancy book series. The unique 3-D design of the game board, made to look like Nancy's house, really adds to the fun, and girls will enjoy seeing their favorite book character depicted in a variety of scenes throughout the board. Set-up of the board is a little tricky, so kids will need parents' help.