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Pipe cleaners are staples of arts and crafts projects. These days, though, they have all different kinds of configurations that, while not much good at cleaning pipes, offer endless creative inspiration for kids. Today, they're long, fuzzy and colorful pieces that can be bent in different shapes, especially in a line called Fuzzoodles. Kids can get super creative by adorning the colorful, bendable, and big fuzzy noodles (Fuzzoodles) with wacky features, such as crazy eyes and toothy smiles, and cool accessories, such as a bowtie or purse. Kids can put together a cast of fluffy Fuzzoodles characters (which can really stand on their own!), bracelets, pen and headphones decorations, and so much more. All the accessories are interchangeable and the design possibilities are limitless. Fuzzoodles is a great way to get kids playing creatively.