20 Questions

from University Games

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  • 20 Questions from University Games
  • We recommend this product for ages 8 and up

What It Is

The classic game of asking questions returns in an updated version. University Games first introduced its version of this classic in 1987 in which players have just 20 questions to guess the name of the mystery person, place, or thing. The updated 20 Questions brings new content to the traditional gameplay. Players compete to guess the person, place, or thing using the fewest number of clues. The fewer clues you need, the farther you advance on the game board. Each of the 20 clues reveals another piece of trivia about the mystery subject until somebody guesses the secret identity—or until all 20 questions are used up. The fast-paced gameplay and shared clues keep everyone engaged, even during other people's turns. 20 Questions is great for trivia buffs and casual players, offering a fun challenge to both.
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