Legend of Nara Bugs

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  • Legend of Nara Bugs


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What It Is

Playing on boys' fascination with bugs, the Legend of Nara bugs is a collectible assortment of fake bugs that look like real bugs. Each Legend of Nara bug features a motorized and removable underbody chassis that allows boys to swap out bug bodies, along with a chassis hook to help guide the bugs along their route as they race and battle.

The backstory to Legend of Nara goes like this: A massive meteor storm has pummeled the Planet Nara, changing the landscape forever. Among the ruins, a once peaceful insect population begins to transform. Their bodies begin to elongate; their limbs begin to mutate. The four tribes that once shared the Narian Valley become warring factions in their search for ultimate power. This mythical world of insects continues online with a website at LegendofNara.com. The website will allow boys to explore the legend and battle their bugs in a virtual arena. Boys must have a secret code, from the toy package, which allows them to engage in online battle.

There will be a variety of bugs for boys to collect and battle. The rich narrative for Legend of Nara combined with the action-packed online play and collectible aspect will keep boys engaged.